Sergey Krayev International

About Sergey Krayev

As a marketing and e-commerce expert, Sergey Krayev has assisted various organizations and SME’s across the world to achieve business success. Sergey is an American, born in Moldova but moved with his parents at a young age to the US and settled in Buffalo, NY. He has held various positions in different organizations such as Sage, Clickagy, and Mizuno Corporation.
Currently, Sergey Krayev is the Managing Director at Partnership Network. He is also the Vice President of Strategic Development at Vertical, LLC.

Sergey Krayev began his career over two decades ago and has kept his goals. As a focused strategist and a dedicated leader with resilient long-term goals, Sergey Krayer is always open minded to new ideas and ventures. He has assisted several business achieve and establish robust brand presence and used his expertise and resourcefulness to assist his clients achieve their goals. He also empowers his clients with the best marketing tools to help them make a significant business impact across the world. 

Personal and Family Life

Sergey Krayev is passionate about travelling. He has resided in various places in the US. Currently, he is living in John’s Creek Georgia with his family. Krayev was born in a family with historical connection to Russia. The family moved from Moldova, which was then a Soviet republic, at a school going age in pursuit of the American Dream. Krayev has an excellent command of spoken and written Russian. While at Buffalo, the region did not look very promising, prompting Krayev to move to Atlanta, Georgia where he lived for decades.

Sergey Krayev graduated from Stanford University and also pursued a Bachelor of Science-Telecommunication Management from DeVry University. As a brilliant student, he managed to attain a distinctive 3.75 GPA.

Experiences and Achievements

Sergey Krayev has dedicated himself as a Managing Director at Partnership Network. Located within Great Atlanta region, Partnership Network develops global partnership marketing channels for its clients, majorly tech start-ups. Services provided by the organization include optimization and program analytics and the development and implementations of go-to-market strategies. Krayev role in the organization is developing partnership marketing channels across the world and supervising the tech start-up department, optimization and program analytics and the development and implementations of go-to-market strategies.

Apart from holding a leadership position at Partnership Network, Sergey Krayev has been the Vice President of Strategic Development at Vertical LLC since 2014. His role is to supervise asset management, engineering and design services, program development marketing, and operational optimization.

Krayev also worked as a strategic Advisor at Clickagy for approximately two years between May 2014 and June 2016. Besides, Krayer also held a position as the director of Online Marketing and E-commerce a Sage in the Greater Atlanta region between February 2013 and May 2014. While at Sage, Krayev was responsible for the development of business strategy across North America, product development, calibration of marketing channels and collaboration with global initiative, and P&L responsibility across various business groups.

While working t Mizuno Corporation between June 2011 and August 2012, Krayev acquired significant experience in E-marketing and e-commerce. While at Mizuno Corporation, his major responsibilities included driving initiatives with the aim of improving e-commerce strategies ti enhance sales and online user experience. He launched several products and managed partnership programs with various affiliates. He also managed product go-to-market strategic for various sport divisions within the organization.

Sergey Krayev worked as a Director at TVzorr LLC in 2012.In 2008, Sergey Krayev became the Global Interactive Manager at Kimberly-Clark till August 2011. While at Kimberly Clark, Krayev implemented Global B2B interactive marketing system for various product platforms and oversaw the development of Kimberly-Clark Healthcare website.  To achieve success in his position, he used strong online communication strategies and efficient email practices. Besides, he established a robust web analytics reporting structure across various business groups to enhance the assessment of ROI for marketing programs. Krayev also managed paid SECO and search strategy to enhance traffic to the organization’s websites.  He came up with a vibrant process or enhancing online user experience by working in collaboration with customers and product management department staff.  Also, through the incorporation of social media communication strategies, he was able to enhance awareness of continuous marketing initiatives.

How Sergey Kragev can help you

It is beyond doubt that Sergey Kragev is a success story. He did not make all these achievements single-handedly. The same applies to you. Business success requires a surprising surge which you can get by contacting Sergey Krayev. Krayev will guide you through and ensure that you understand and acknowledge every step of the journey. With his expertise and skill, you will receive guidance on brand redevelopment aligned with your business aims and target market to achieve growth and enhance turnover.

Through open and in-depth consultations, Sergey Krayev assists his clients in identifying and understanding business gaps and opportunities. He will provide you with a report outline the possible initiative and their consequences within a comprehensive project plan. The most valuable thing you will receive from Sergey Krayev is his experience. Take this opportunity and make your business a success.